Betty Grable's Swimming Suit

Perfect for a Normandy Invasion!

Check out this sweet "GaBar of New York" vintage swimming suit! Pretty blue and white cotton print with solid blue lining. Straps can be adjusted for length and/or criss crossed at the back. "Boyleg" style bottom has lining with elastic at the leg holes. Back bodice has elastic on each side of the zipper for a more comfortable fit. At the waist on each side are a pleat and slash pocket. Stays provide form and support for the slightly pleated bustline (as shown). The tag states size 12, but please go by the measurements given. Bust 34-36, waist 26-28, hips at the fullest part of the seat 36-38. The wife wears a size 8 and it fits her like a glove :)








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Fabulous 40's women's fashions!

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Remember guys I always welcome
interesting trades as well!




WW2 Small Wall Tent 24-T-323

Very Nice!
These are getting harder and harder to find!

This is the obsolute last one I have at least for the moment. And it is without a doubt one of the nicest ones yet! And there has been no complaints on the previous tents sold. Stumbled across this on in my warehouse. Where it is neatly folded and wrapped in a shelter half.
Needs a sidetiedown grommet

I also have a couple of the large wall tents as well


No dissapointments here!


WW2 Camo Net w/scrimm

HUGE camo net

This is the only one I have. A super nice net big enough to cover a CCKW with the scrim already on it and in very good condition

No dissapointments here!


WW2 Wilson Baseball Glove

U.S. 9-45 on wrist strap
Wilson on palm

No dissapointments here!


Special Services Football Helmet

This is a Super nice example of the classic leather 1940's football helmet

used by American service men in world war two. Provided by the Special Services branch of the US Army
The helmet is marked as follows
on the rear of the helmet

Made in USA


and on the suspension inside


September 1945

A must have for the advanced collector!


Over 30 years collecting

and this is only the second one I have ever seen!

Condition is excellent!

Outer shell has no damage and beautiful patina

Inner suspension has some light flaking to the leather edges as seen
in the photo Elastic webbing is nice and clean.


Special Services Heavy Bag Gloves

Super Rare
GoldSmith heavy bag gloves

As used by American service men in world war two. Provided by the Special Services branch of the US Army
Gloves are marked as follows

Made in USA
Preferred Products

A must have for the advanced collector!


BC-1306 Gen Cable

Power supply cable for BC-1306 Jeep radio


M1A1 30 cal Ammo cans

Original WW2 M1A1 ammo cans designed to replace the wooden ammo box from WW1. This variation has the attaching latch on the end to affix to the model 1917A1 Browning machine gun. Was pressed into service along side the standard M1 ammunition box.
Most still have the yellow stenciling
on the side

Limited quantity!


GI Steel Pot

Another hard to find item lately!
These look to be unissued GI steel pots married to a Dutch plastic liner with US style adjustable nape strap and leather headband. Late style hook & ball clasp on helmet strap. Cloth chin strap on liner. I'll even throw in a helmet net. Perfect for the re enactor who does not want to wear his expensive WW2 helmet out on the field or for the fellow who wants a cheap alternative to an original WW2 M1 helmet. These will look great on the seat of your MB or GPW!
These are not WW2 issue

Some paint scuffing and or minor blems form being in storage.

While supplies last we will include over 9 feet of WW2 scrim with every helmet ordered!

sale $44.95

Original WW2 Helmet Scrim

Over nine feet of ORIGINAL WW2 helmet scrim.
Shown on one of the M1 helmets listed above.


Original WW2 Phongraph

ORIGINAL WW2special services phonograph.



Here is another COOL find!

This a WW1 barracks heater/stove this came in two sizes this being the larger of the two. This stove is in beautiful condition having been completely taken apart, cleaned and inspected. Ready to use in your barracks or your war room!

A very impressive stove that was extensively used in WW2
Made in USA.

Qty. 1 shipping extra



The classic Stewart Warner jeep engine hand cranked heater! Another hard to find item for the collector that thought he had everything. This heater is ready for another tour of duty having been cleaned and inspected.
This heater is in fantastic condition as the photos will atest.
Click on photo's to enlarge.

Made in USA.

shipping & Ins. $30.00


US Army 50 Cal. Crates

ORIGINAL WW2 U.S. Army fifty caliber amunition crates!
Limited Qty.

shipping to be determined


M1917 Trench Knife

Beautiful ORIGINAL WW1 Landers Frary & Clarke model 1917 includes new scabbard


M3 Trench Knife W/M6 Scabbard

Beautiful ORIGINAL blade marked M3 with very nice M6 leather scabbard

Nice tight handle well marked blade with maybe very light sharpening. Stitching out on tip of scabbard. Belt hook removed to allow strapping to pants leg.


M3 Trench Knife W/M8 Scabbard

ORIGINAL blade marked M3 with nice
M8 plastic scabbard

Camillus blade marked M3 that has seen some action!
Original piece that you can use


Luminescent Disk

Super Rare clip on version of the Para Radium disk used to mark equipment and individuals during nite operations.

This is the real deal !

One only don't miss out

Going Going Gone

WW2 Navy Binoculars

1943 marked 6X30 binoculars made by Camera corp NY.container. Estate find from a local Marine corp veteran. These are in very nice condition with minimal paint loss and excellent optics


Rawlings M1938 Tanker Helmet

Super Rare size 7 1/2

Rawlings amoured helmet!

Complete w/Polaroid goggles and R14 ear pieces
Looks unused or barely used

This is the real deal!

One only don't miss out


German Vehicle ID Flag

This is the REAL DEAL WW2 German armor flag these flags are extremely rare and this particular version only saw service for 13 months before being replaced with the Baltic Cross version. This flag is constructed from cotton and consist of printed swaztika on white background sewn on to red flag only visible from one side with attachment grommets in each corner. As the photo shows it is in very nice condition. measures 36" X 78"


WW2 Japanese Naval Flag

Fanatastic WW2 Japanese naval flag.
Super condition for a Jap flag with no mothing (wool) and only a couple of water stains (naval) and the typical yellowing from age (68 years old) flag measures 23" X 35" and will look super in your war room or really cool on the coning tower of your Nip sub!


Blasting Cap Sealant

WW2 US Army DuPont Blasting Cap Sealant. One can was issued with each Demolition Bag as carried by 2nd Combat Engineers at Normandy, Paratroopers, OSS personnel, etc. Mint condition..

reg.$59.90 One Left

US Army 10 Cap Blasting Machine

Hard to upgrade this one! Beautiful condition w/minimal paint loss. Works like it should. I've misplaced the strap, so if I find it you get it.


Early Exhaust Flange

NOS Willys MB slat grill exhaust pipe flange.
One Only!


NOS Cotter Pins

Very nice U.S Army marked cotter pin box full of cotter pins. As issued in the Jeep spare parts kit. Must have for every WW2 vehicle!


1944 US Ord. Vehicle Water Bucket

Nice ORIGINAL US Ordinance vehicle water bucket! Commonly seen on the jerry can on the back of Jeeps. This example still retains its original U.S. and makers stencils.

Plus it still works!!


WW2 Latrene Screen

For the reenactor who thought he had everything! An uber rare WW2 dated U.S. Army latrene screen. A fantastic edition to any encampment! Comes complete with NOS folding two hole comode and shower bucket! No poles included to hard to ship, but I can supply the dimensions. I'll even include a few packs of WW2 toilet paper!
Made in USA.
shipping to be determined

reg.$699.90 sale $595.00




Here is the hardest part to find for your spare parts kit to complete your Willys MB or Ford GPW

New Old Stock
Firestone F-40 spark plug
Federal Stock No. 17 P 5365

Master carton dated DEC. 15 1944

Very Limited Quanity!

NOS Firestone F-40 Spark Plug


$30.00 Ea.



Limited Qty.


GPW Cylinder Heads!

These heads are ready to install. All heads have been hot tanked, magnafluxed for cracks and surface machined for flatness. All threaded holes are cleaned and retapped. They are then finished with hi temp GPW engine paint.

GPW Cylinder Head

last one !
shipping will be billed seperately


Early War Axe & Shovel Set

Nicely restored early war split handle shovel and marked axe head

Perfect for your 1941 to 1942 Jeep

Last Set


MB/GPW Axe & Shovel Set

Super Nice ORIGINAL Axe and Shovel ready to install on your MB or GPW


Early Style Oil Pan

Nice ORIGINAL early Willys slat grill/ VEP Ford GPW rivited drain oil pan.
In excellent condition

Only One!






Slat Grills & VEP GPW's

You guys with the early production Jeeps here is the correct rivited and soldered oil pan for your project!

Only one don't miss out!

Early Solid Rims


Looking for ORIGINAL Solid Jeep rims?

Look no further we just might have some

in stock


Orig. Combat Rims

Looking for ORIGINAL Jeep combat rims? Look no further we usually have them in stock


Great WW2 License Plate sets

Wartime emergency plates made from Soy beans!


Found a small stash of WW2 vehicle license plate sets. These are 1943, 1944 and 1945 dated and are matched sets which means you Illinois guys can register these to your Jeep, WC or whatever 43,44,45 vehicle you happen to own.

How cool is that!

Very limited supply!


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Brian at Northwest Military Vehicles

M37B1 Spare Carrier

Original Vietnam era M37B1 door mounted
spare tire carrier. Almost impossible to find anymore.
This is the carrier with door hinge only. No other parts included.


Reg. $300.00 Sale $250.00

shipping will be calculated after sale

WW2 Jeep First Aid Kit

Original WW2 vehicle first aid box!
Fantastic condition with all contents intack and unused


Disclaimer all items sold on our WW2 Collectibles page are sold as is with no guarantee of working condition or completeness. Items are however guaranteed to be of WW2 vintage